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Shipping Updates

With EMS (Expedited Mail Service) slowly returning to many countries, we've adjusted some pricing schedules.  For countries with EMS availability, orders over $330 Canadian Dollars (i.e. currently any of our watches) now have free shipping!

EMS note - EMS may have some delays as it uses passenger flights to transport mail and parcels rather than a dedicated fleet like UPS.  Timeframes are currently between 1-3 weeks.

We are excited to see more flights opening up and look forward to bringing free shipping to more countries as this happens!

Thanks for joining the Aevum Community!

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"This watch is just plain cool. It makes me want to hang out at the Speedway and flash it around. Of course, unearthing its various Easter eggs does make it infinitely more interesting. You can’t help but appreciate the thoughtful design. I can only imagine, that among car enthusiasts, this watch would be like a secret handshake."

Calibre 321 Watch Photography