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Our store will be closed until late April for relocation


We've arrived in Japan and our first shipment from Canada has arrived!  We're now waiting on our leather tools to arrive - after that, we'll be able to start production of the Carbon Limiteds again.  We are available to answer questions through our contact page, Facebook, chat system, Instagram and email at bryan@aevumtime.ca

We look forward to serving you soon! 


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"This watch is just plain cool. It makes me want to hang out at the Speedway and flash it around. Of course, unearthing its various Easter eggs does make it infinitely more interesting. You can’t help but appreciate the thoughtful design. I can only imagine, that among car enthusiasts, this watch would be like a secret handshake."

Calibre 321 Watch Photography

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About Aevum

Aevum was established in 2011 initially creating high quality hand made leather watch straps.  From there, a passion to combine years of automotive mechanic work and watches brought Aevum Timepieces to life.

We are petrolheads. We design and build our watches with passion, including automotive aesthetics in a way that includes all types of enthusiasts. Whether you've got a hand-built drag pass car pushing 9's, a weekend track day machine that you can boast was faster in the corners than your rival or a daily driver that you'll never let go of; Aevum has you covered.

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