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Embrace Your Automotive Passion

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Upcoming Model:

We will be releasing the Aevum Track Tech chronograph within the next few months in a variety of fun colours - sign up to our newsletter for details!


The Aevum Advance and Advance Carbon Limited is currently sold out!  We will hopefully be stocked with Aevum Track Tech chronographs in a few months time.


EMS is now our primary shipping solution for countries that EMS is operating in again.  For most watch purchases, EMS will be free and takes roughly 5-6 business days depending on location, time and pandemic issues.

For countries where EMS is unavailable still, UPS will be the default.  
All shipping solutions will be tracked and insured!

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"This watch is just plain cool. It makes me want to hang out at the Speedway and flash it around. Of course, unearthing its various Easter eggs does make it infinitely more interesting. You can’t help but appreciate the thoughtful design. I can only imagine, that among car enthusiasts, this watch would be like a secret handshake."

Calibre 321 Watch Photography