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Well Rounded

When looking for a well rounded watch that fits your automotive enthusiast lifestyle no matter what you drive, the Advance automatic is for you.

The Advance came to be through countless renditions, Aevum community feedback and us as automotive technicians finding all the gearhead-themed easter eggs we could cram in.

Mechanic Designed

From initial sketching to prototype testing, the Advance has been in the hands of a technician, bringing forth automotive styling cues and theme work for the final model.

Easter eggs about the Advance's theme, ignition timing, can be found for those who know what to look for. We at Aevum expect you to get a nod when other car enthusiasts take a peek at your watch.

Aevum Advance Blueprint no BG.png

Camshaft Degrees

From a distance, the Advance's chapter ring looks like any other. Getting close up tells a different story, however.

The chapter ring on the Advance shows off cam timing degrees and crank positions. TDC representing Top Dead Center and BDC above 6 O'clock representing Bottom Dead Center along with all the degrees inbetween.

While each dial option showcases the cam timing marks, only the light blue Advance has TDC and BDC marked in light blue rather than red.


Cam Gear Crown

The screw-down multi-gasket crown on the Aevum Advance is designed to look like an adjustable camshaft gear. Stopping at laser engraving the crown didn't feel like enough was done and if you look closely, you'll notice the crown grip is cut to have the same half moon flat top teeth as a belt drive cam gear.

With how well the crown turned out, we had to ask ourselves, "but, why stop there?" and this is how the BGW9 lumed timing mark triangle above the crown came to be. 


Valve Duration

No, it's not a 'Copyright' C that was left in the sun too long. This is a very abstract diagram of intake and exhaust duration. This could be the hardest automotive easter egg on the whole Advance.

Quiz your car friends, if one of them gets it, they deserve a pat on the back! 

Hand Made

Your Advance leather strap is 100% handmade here in-house by me, Bryan Farquharson, owner of Aevum Timepieces. 

I learned leather work while in Japan using Tochigi leather back in 2011.  Since returning to Canada, top quality Belgian leather from one of their oldest tanneries has been my leather of choice. 

Every cut, stitch and colour applied to these straps is done, by hand, by me.  The furthest away I get from your strap is with the pictured manual arbor press.

Advance Hi-Viz Kit Chocolate.png

Advance Technical Specs


42x48x11.5 mm stainless steel with ion plating for added scratch resistance. The Advance also has multiple finishes to enjoy from horizontal and vertical brushing on the case body as well as radial brushing and a polished lip on the bezel.


Available in four colour options, the Advance sandwich dials range from a classic look in black or white to a vibrant light blue.

Water Resistance

20 ATM / 200 Meter water resistance with a multi-gasket screw down crown.


Swiss Superluminova white in the day, blue at night BGW9 lume is applied to the hour/minute hands, hour markers and the timing triangle on the bezel of the Advance.

Case Back

Standard screw-down simplicity with an exhibition window to view the movement and laser engraved rotor.

Leather Strap

100% handmade in-house at Aevum, Canada. One individual hand cuts the leather, hand dyes the strap, hand punches, hand stitches, hand- well, we're sure you get the idea.

Silicone Strap

Our silicone strap is unique. We designed a simplistic strap that tapers from 22 mm to 20 mm at the buckle, bringing your eye to your Advance. The Aevum silicone strap is finished with our signature 'chisel tip' design we include on almost all the leather straps we make. An added feature to the Aevum silicone strap is the keeper locks into the strap holes to prevent it from riding up.

Nylon Strap

Available in a variety of colours, our one piece straps give you another way to customize your Advance.

Carry Case

Each Advance kit comes with its own Aevum carry case, finished in a red carbon fiber look, ready to take your Advance anywhere you go.


The Advance is covered by Aevum's 2 year manufacturer defect warranty and comes with a real carbon fiber warranty card. If you opt for a Rally or Track kit, you'll also receive an Aevum handmade leather card sheath matched to your handmade leather strap.

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