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About Aevum

I'm Bryan Farquharson, creator of Aevum Timepieces.  I'm a licensed automotive technician and have worked a number of years with Toyota and now Mercedes-Benz/AMG.  I'm an avid petrolhead.  I work on my own machines, enjoy test and tune drag events and when time allows I like participating in the occasional circuit event.  

My goal for Aevum is to be inclusive - automotive themed watches that bring daily drivers, track machines, vintage classics and everyone with a bit of fuel in their blood together to say "That's me."

We've been creating beautiful handmade leather watch straps since 2011 before deciding to move into the realm of watchmaking.  In 2016 we launched our first model, the Apex First Lap automatic and are now onto what will hopefully be our fifth successful model. 

Thank you to everyone who've gotten us to where we are today!

What materials come to mind when you think racecar?

Aluminum?  Fiberglass?  Sure, they're in there but carbon fiber is the one that really stands out.  No one looks at a raw fiberglass hood and thinks "Look at that, I'm not even going to paint that", but carbon fiber?  That's something to show off.

Close up carbon fibre steering wheel wit
Dial Lume Post.png

What better material to use on the last limited version of this Advance model than woven carbon fiber.  It almost screams automotive performance and rightly so; it's been the go-to material of almost every racer in the modern age.

Carbon fiber adds another link to the racing world in a watch that already has some very cool and very in-depth automotive cues; cues which tie well into what we've said in the past -

"Our creations are not just worn by enthusiasts, they're made by them."

If you haven't owned a carbon fiber dial watch before, you're in for a treat!  The way the light plays off the woven fibers gives the dial a 3D and very dynamic look.   Under the right lighting it looks like the indices are standing still under a moving dial.

Automotive Cues

Just like the standard Aevum Advance model, the Carbon Limited is full of ignition timing cues that are hidden in plain sight.

Dual Carbons Post.png

Camshaft Degrees

 The chapter ring on the Advance Carbon Limited is mapped out to be a camshaft degree wheel. TDC (Top Dead Center) and BDC (Bottom Dead Center) can be found at the 12 and 6 O'clock positions.  Wheels charted out like this are a common tool when building an engine with non-'straight up' camshafts.

Valve Duration

It's pretty clear to see that the in-house handmade leather strap on the Carbon Limited follows suit with Aevum's automotive theme.  Each strap is hand pressed with a tire tread design and hand destressed for a worked in finish.  The keeper takes it a step further with an abstract valve duration chart stamped into the leather.

Watch on leg Post.png

Cam Gear Crown

Located on the bezel you'll find a BGW9 Swiss Superluminova lumed triangle, this mark which can be found in a variety of designs on all engines, is a cam timing mark. 

The crown its self also pulls this all together.  The face of the crown is engraved to look like an adjustable cam gear while the grip is half moon cut like the teeth of one.

Carbon Limited on Phone No Dust.png

Exhibition Case Back

The underside of the Carbon Limited continues to show off its inner workings like the standard Advance, showcasing its Aevum shield engraved rotor.  The text ring lists some of the Carbon Limited's standard features but also displays country flags - these represent the hard work and effort each of our key component locations make to bring our timepieces to life.


Carbon Limited Kit

The Carbon Limited comes loaded in the following kit

  • One Advance Carbon Limited automatic watch finished in either the traditional dial configuration or the very limited shifted dial configuration.  

  • One Aevum 100% handmade tire tread stamped leather strap tapered from 22mm to 20mm in your choice of distressed asphalt black or chocolate finish

  • One Aevum one piece black and yellow centerline nylon strap

  • One strap removal tool

  • One Aevum real carbon fiber warranty card (2 year manufacturer defect warranty)

  • One carbon style EVA travel case

Available Now

Now that we've settled in to Japan, the Carbon Limited is available once again!

Shifted dial Carbon Limited kit shown below with asphalt black strap

Shifted Carbon Asphalt Strap Kit

Un-shifted dial Carbon Limited kit shown below with chocolate strap

Traditional Carbon Chocolate strap Kit P

Advance Carbon Limited Technical Specs


42x48x11.5 mm stainless steel with ion plating for added scratch resistance. The Carbon Limited also has multiple finishes to enjoy from horizontal and vertical brushing on the case body as well as radial brushing and a polished lip on the bezel.


Real woven carbon fiber dial with BGW9 Super Luminova lumed applied indices and circular date window.  Your choice of the traditional non-shifted dial or the ultra limited shifted dial (limited to just 9 watches)

Water Resistance

20 ATM / 200 Meter water resistance with a multi-gasket screw down crown.


Swiss Superluminova white in the day, blue at night BGW9 lume is applied to the hour/minute hands, hour markers and the timing triangle on the bezel of the Carbon Limited.

Case Back

Standard screw-down simplicity with an exhibition window to view the movement and laser engraved rotor.

Leather Strap

100% handmade in-house at Aevum, Canada. One individual hand cuts the leather, hand dyes the strap, hand punches, hand stitches, hand- well, we're sure you get the idea.  The Carbon Limited strap comes in distressed asphalt black or chocolate and is tapered from 22mm to 20mm at the buckle.

Nylon Strap

Made specifically for the Carbon Limited, our centerline strap mimics a road with a yellow stripe through the middle of a black base.

Carry Case

Each Advance kit comes with its own Aevum carry case, finished in a red carbon fiber look, ready to take your Carbon Limited anywhere you go.


The Advance Carbon Limited is covered by Aevum's 2 year manufacturer defect warranty and comes with a real carbon fiber warranty card.

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