Coming: The Carbon Limited

In motorsports, being at the forefront of technology and innovation plays a big role in your competitiveness. There are many different advancements that have improved motorsports over the years, but maybe none so widely used as carbon fiber. It's in framework, brakes, seats, helmets, hoods, doors, hatches, you name it and now it's in our watches.

The Carbon Limited features a woven carbon fiber dial that luckily won't cost $24,000 like this left-pictured Mercedes SLR McLaren carbon ceramic rotor costs, but we'll get to pricing later. For now, let's look at the features and specs the Carbon Limited includes.

The Carbon's chapter ring, now black, still holds the cam degree wheel of past Advance models, beyond that the dial is all-new. Aside from the real carbon fiber base, the dial now features custom to the Carbon Limited applied indices for the all new broad sword-style hands to point at.

BGW9 Super Luminova adorns the Carbon Limited's indices and hands much like our traditional Advance model. An option that will be available during the pre-order is the choice of our traditional non-lumed gauge needle second hand or a tail lumed second hand, both of which can be seen in the image below. Another unique option to be had, the Carbon Limited comes in both a standard and a shifted dial variant. Shifted dials are extremely limited to just 9 models.

Like the Hi-Viz limited, the Carbon Limited will continue on with the tire tread design strap. This variant is reverse to the Hi-Viz model with the thin portion of the tread being pressed into the leather. The Carbon's strap is tapered from 22 to 20mm which gives the watch its self a little more presence appearance on the wrist. Like all of our other leather straps, these will be 100% handmade in-house with one of the best leathers available out there.