Handmade leather 22mm 'One-Off' Collection Aevum strap

Handmade leather 22mm 'One-Off' Collection Aevum strap

THIS STRAP HAS SOLD!!!  But don't worry!  A new Aevum One-Off is in the works!


We're proud to introduce a new line to our webstore - the Aevum One-Off Collection!


These will be pretty much what they sound like; a collection of 1 of 1 custom straps 100% handmade by us.  With the One-Off straps being 1 of 1, we'll be able to go a little crazy with the styling and stitching since we typically simplify the design for ease of creation on our multi-order straps.  This is because there's only one leather craftsman in-house at Aevum and, well, that's a lot of stitching to do by hand!


This 1 of 1 custom strap is 22mm tapered to 20mm and will fit all current Aevum models (The Advance, Apex and all their sub-models).  It's finished in distressed asphalt and hand stitched in a deep red Japanese 0.5mm thread. 


All Aevum One-Off straps are 100% handmade in-house by us at Aevum.  Each strap is hand cut from high grade Belgian tooling leather, hand punched, hand dyed, hand- well, we're sure you've got the idea.


This One-Off strap can be purchased on its own, or coupled with a watch where it replaces the Entry Kit leather strap.


    -22 mm lug width tapered to 20mm

    -125/80 mm lengths

    -Brushed finish Aevum buckle


    Allow 1 business week for creation and ship-out.

C$65.00 Regular Price
C$58.50Sale Price
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