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A new era for Aevum

We've gone in a whole new direction in regards to how we produce our watches and will now be offering a new line of in-house, hand built models.  Aevum now has an in-house lathe, milling machine, drill press, and NC CNC for dials (to be used in the future) to compliment the handmade leatherwork we already do.  

You can expect to see some Aevum handmade models available starting from this summer!

Unique Materials

Now that we're running solo, we aren't restricted by 'MOQ's' (minimum order quantities) in the way we were before.  Now Aevum has the ability to buy materials direct and we'll be using that advantage to make fun and unique pieces like this:


The Aevum Type-00 Super-lite Titanium >>>

The Super-Lite Weighs in at 86 grams including the strap and is fully made of grade 5 titanium with a torched blue case back.

IMG_0048 (1).jpg

New, Bolder Lines

Our designs have always had a unique look and we've got the machinery to push it further now.  Expect to see interesting styles, strong lines and as always, automotive influence in our handmade offerings.

The Type-00 Super-lite case pictured is one example - a 40.5mm case that makes a big statement with its thick wall finishes and progressive angles.  The Super-lite's lugs are 20mm and slope inwards towards the base of the case, giving the illusion the lug depth is smaller than it is.  As we improve our machining skills, there's no doubt you'll see quite a few one of a kind models.

Extensive Variety

Case shape, dimensions, material, movement, straps - you'll see quite a few one of a kind pieces coming out from us soon.  Having the ability to produce many of our own components in-house opens the doors to unlimited options without needing to mass order large quantities from suppliers.

Expect to see new designs hitting the site a lot more often!

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