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Vibrant colours on the Track Tech's matte dial make for a bold look.  The red, blue and yellow colourways stand out from the crowd, much like bold colourful track car liveries.

The Track Tech also comes in two more classic finishes - black with yellow accents and a white panda. Both maintain fantastic legibility with black chrome indices on the white panda and silver chrome indices on the black dial for contrast.

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Aside from being Aevum's most vibrant model, it's also the brightest during the night.  For the Track Tech, we've gone and had the indices finished with 2x C1 Superluminova lume.


If you own an Aevum Advance, you know we've started to have a thing for custom designed crowns, the Track Tech is no exception.  With a tire tread cut grip and rally style wheel face, the Track Tech's crown is very much for the gearhead in all of us.

Aside from the fantastic aesthetics, the Track Tech crown is also very functional.  It's a screw down crown to a 20 ATM / 200 Meter water resistant case so enjoy that wet track day!

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As mentioned in the start, Track Tech chronograph comes in a bundle of colours for you to choose from, but it doesn't stop there.  The Track Tech also has a variety of strap and stitching colours as well.

You'll be able to pair your Track Tech with a 100% handmade in-house Aevum leather strap and carry case in your choice of distressed black or tan leather, then match those up with your choice of stitch colour.

Track Tech chronographs come in white, black, red, blue and yellow.

Our Aevum handmade in-house leather straps and carry cases come in distressed black or tan.

Stitching for the Track Tech straps and carry cases comes in white, black, red, blue and yellow.

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